Canopy of Light Fine Arts

Vibrations from Source…to support humanity.

Healing and Activating with the Universal Vibrations of Color, Sound and Light Language

This is the spirit work & services of DeeAhDra…

sharing her gifts, talents, abilities and paintings to inspire and heal you. 

DeeAhDra is a Vibrational Visual Artist, Energetic Healer and Creative Expressionist. 

She was gifted the Vibration of Light after a long divorce, long illness, passing in surgery and coming back to Source Spirit Light. The gifts she received far out-way the events of that time. 

She now shares Vibrations from Universal Source with humanity — through vibration of color, sound, and the Language of Light which is Source. Welcome to her world! May she be of assistance to you on your continued life path.

My Spirit Work enlightens and opens a new point of view...a point of seeing and Being beyond the past, allowing Oneness to open the heart to unseen realities.




– Light Language Session
– Oracle Card Reading Session
– Access Consciousness & Access Bars Session


– Light Language Painting From Your Star Family
(Session PLUS customized painting just for you after session)


View my Light Language Paintings:

I live in Love while sharing my Gifts, Talents and Abilities…
to assist you at this time.


Resources, information & guidance

I play bowls during group healings, sessions and workshops. More information.

About My Light Language: DeeAhDra speak in many dialects; they are all from the “ONE.”  She did not know what this was…

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We can heal in many ways… energetically and creatively. I offer various healing services and methods for whatever is needed at the…

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Cards can serve as messages and messengers to those that are ready!  While reading for a client I allow EGO to step…

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I Love Sound healing!   It is the Souls Song!   The harmonic being of who we are! Sound frequencies heal the body/mind…

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